Welcome to 4Sight

4Sight is an asset management tool that measures and benchmarks the emergency management of portfolios. It addresses risks of injury to persons, property or the environment and is important for the business continuity plans of tenants.
The first step of 4Sight is an assessment of the external threats to your facility. Not all buildings face the same threats. Some have security concerns. For others, the primary threat may be a technological failure such as power disruption, or natural disaster such as flooding or winter storms. The aim of the threat assessment is to assign appropriate weightings to the rating scale based on whether a given hazard is a high or low priority.
The second step is to complete 4 modules representing the pillars of emergency management: Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery.
The output of 4Sight is a report for each individual building and a summary report for the portfolio. 4Sight generates a report that scores your emergency management system, highlights achievements and provides recommendations on ways to improve it.
4Sight is user-friendly and takes about one hour to complete online.